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~point commission and donations <3

points will be used for various amounts of things, if you have any points you don't plan on using I'd love to have some :)
It's deeply appreciated ^_^


Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I'm starting to charge for commissions because I'm so busy with school I would just waste my precious school work time if I did them for free D: sorry

Just note me with what you want! I can do things like Chibi's ferral, realism.. etc: ANYTHING! Headshots, animations, icons, avatars.... blah blah..
just describe what you want and we can come up with a price :)
all points are to be sent here!

Don't forget to note me with whatever you want! I don't do anything without receiving points first.

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2013, 2:53 PM
:iconchocukat:  Chocukat

Hello all!  I highly encourage you read this~! ;v;  
Ok, so for a couple months now I've been feeling a bit... childish?  Yes, childish.  I really want to go somewhere with my art, and I realized I need a new, more professional start, I want to start selling my art, I want to grow up, and make art more than a hobby.  I want to start earning some cash to keep funds for college or just to have extra money to buy fun things or pay for expenses etc:
All of my close friends have been super supportive so thank you so much<3 :heart:
I'd be stuck without you guys~~ <3
As for this account, I won't stop posting here.  I just might be a little less active.  I'll post silly art here, and funny doodles, and WIP's etc:  And I can be a total kid here ;D
I'll goof around, and you guys can still have your good ol' kitty<3
I totally thought I had so much more to say but eh ;;
Well, I'll post this journal once a week for a few weeks, because I know sometimes how we can delete things we didn't mean too~
So everyone can know ^u^

Laika will stay my fursona, and represent me, but my dear friend Celine, capukat, make me a mascot for my account! Like hers Capu! ^^
she named mine Chocu and I thought it was adorable<3
I really wanted to keep part of this username, and the shortest part of it was Kat.
so I just did my mascot, Chocu, and kat!
Chocukat ^u^
simple enough right? ahah <3

I love you all~:heart: Thank you for the 1,000 + watchers and supporters<3
thank you guys for being so supportive,
spread the word! :'D
<3 ahah
Also! check out this awesome Chocu stamp and Plz account! 8'D
I support chocu stamp by Chocukat
the plz is
chocu happy

Now without further or do~ my new account~!:heart:
//still under page construction, but if you are here for me ;v;, please re watch me there! Gimme llamas, and all that love ;D  Thank you so much I love you guys<3 ///


  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: purtay music
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: life
  • Playing: Dev Art??
  • Eating: air..
  • Drinking: WATERRR

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Your art is being stloen!
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Her account got deactivated, though I did enjoy her troll wars. Sad to see her leave but happy the art theft was caught. c:
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yeah, i would hate if someone stole my art.
RuuRuu-Chan Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Just being a friend;y neighbor here on DA, but here is some great advice....
Your initials aren't going to cut it. When you submit a piece in your gallery, there is an option for a watermark... I would start adding it to my artwork if I were you.
This will help in the prevention of future theft.
I hope this helped and have a good one.
SSJCyberSonic Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Know you're probably being overrrun by this issue, but :iconalishadawg: is stealing your art.

Like this one here: [link]

Only you as the original artist can rightfully report this issue and make sure the proper steps are taken against this person.
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hey just to warn u :iconalishadawg: is steeling ur art and making it her own
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